Reanimation inc. 911 Realistic Doctor Simulation

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Description of Reanimation Inc 911 Realistic Doctor Simulation Apk Many apps claim to be a realistic 91

Description of Reanimation Inc 911 Realistic Doctor Simulation Apk

Many apps claim to be a realistic 911 operator simulation of different hospital surgery experiences, but this medical surgery simulator inc is a believable hospital simulator inc. You’ll only find patients lying in an ambulance ER reanimation hospital and many yet unknown medical equipment & medicine. It’s up to you – whether a person survives or dies at your hands.

You will have to complete an emergency bio test full of realistic medical questions about how to treat viruses and injuries resulting from plague, accidents, crashes and natural disasters in order to prove that you are worthy of being allowed to patients, surgeries, medicine and operate now.

Hurry up to get in time for your first plague reanimation case simulation! What health care diseases does a person have? Is it a stroke or a rare health care illness that has similar symptoms? Try not to mess up with bio drugs – wrong medicine can kill a patient! It is not a “Medicine Plague inc” – here everything is so close to 911 operator reality! Operate now!

It is a tradition in our games that after a short emergency reanimation tutorial, you are on your own – there are neither shining buttons telling you what to push, nor loot boxes with wonderful prizes every hour or so. If you are a good surgery doctor and your patients regularly make it to a hospital, you’ll collect money for new medical emergency health care equipment pretty fast, however, no one is going to pay you anything, if you only bring dead bodies to a pathologist.

🏥 Realistic and unique surgery gameplay – this simulator inc was created in close collaboration with ambulance ER doctors, bio paramedics, and bio EMT. The point was to demonstrate first aid basics in a fun way. It is simplified, so that not only doctors would be able to enjoy the health care game.
🏥 Offline Health Care Game + Low Storage Requires – many games these days require an internet connection to be played, however, our games are always focused to deliver great gameplays on even cheap phones with low storage and other system requirements. Enjoy reanimation;)
🏥 3d Graphics – in this 911 operator simulation game every detail is realized in 3d.
🏥 Educating Ambulance ER game – playing this 911 operator game you will learn functioning techniques to help people in need around you. Probably, when the time comes, you will be able to save somebody’s life! Every case is generated randomly, you won’t be able to learn them by their names and expect to treat them the same way in order to save their lives!
🏥 Crew Progression – the better you become with the diagnosis the more money you earn per a call, which means even more bio equipment for you and more difficult plague cases!

👨🏻‍⚕️ Simulator inc Game Realistic Progression: 👩🏻‍⚕️

Operate now!

You are just another ambulance ER simulation intern with a small number of drugs and realistic medical equipment, your goal will be to reanimate a patient. Time is limited; however, it’s your choice, whether you should take a patient to a hospital immediately, or you can handle the case yourself if you feel like you are dr House or dr Cox today.

Get your scrubs straight and try to focus on reanimation symptoms: how high is the blood pressure, does the patient breathe, what is the body temperature and does he or she cough? Try to analyze what is the state of the medical emergency and get the right medicines for the case. Do you know why adrenaline is required for this treatment simulation, or what you should use in stroke or exacerbation of COPD? The game has a huge amount of drugs for all 911 operator occasions! You will have to learn and master the emergency doctor crew knowledge in our medical simulator inc game in order to be able to perform an operation and save the person – there won’t be a pretty nurse around to do it for you! Operate now: just don’t mess up a stroke with a plague…

Good luck, ambulance ER doctor!

Operate now!

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